Een reponse van een of andere kerel op Lady Gaga’s nieuwe clip Alejandro! Al blijft hij rustig, hij heeft briljant commentaar. Hij ziet Nazis en allerlei ‘secret societies’ in de clip. Echt hilarisch.

Een paar quotes, dan hoef je het filmpje niet eens aan te zetten 😉

“You [] are being deceived, because lady gaga is smart, she is very smart. She has a brain and that’s why I do not like her. For an artist who is that powerful and has a brain like that uses it to her advantage. And what does she do, she does a bunch of subliminal messages”

“I feel like I am the only gay person in the world, right now,that not only dislikes Gaga. I do not hate a lot of people in my life, but I hate her.
If somebody would go and kill her I would not feel sad for her. For all the evilness that she has done. I would not kill her myself, because I could have that on my conscience. I would not mind her losing her fame.”

“… but we’re allowed to worship the devil. That is ridiculous. That is crazy. That is insanity.
This whole country is insane. Like I said, if I had enough money to move to Canada … Actually I don’t think Canada is good. I think you have to move to Australia to get away from this disaster. It is about to get ugly, and Lady Gaga is showing it in her videos, because the Illuminati’s believe them having to show you a glimpse of the future…”

ps. Dit zal de laatste keer zijn dat ik over Lady Gaga post.