I just have to inform you, in case you missed it, that VPRO is broadcasting episodes from the all-too-cool (read alternatively: slightly sadly fanboyish) Classic Albums documentary series, dedicated to discussing the making of some of the most legendary albums in pop/rock music’s history. As of yet, they have been broadcasting Paul Simon’s Graceland, Lou Reed’s Transformer, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and – it only gets better – Deep Purple’s Machine Head. I don’t know about you, but I wave my hands and feet in celebration all the more so because, as you can see above, VPRO also hosts the documentaries (for a limited time) on their Classic Albums Uitzending Gemist page.

And oh erm… In case you were wondering what kind of albums we might still expect, here’s a number of possibilities:
  • The Number of The Beast – Iron Maiden
  • The Doors – The Doors
  • Catch a Fire – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  • Electric Ladyland – Jimi Hendrix
  • Metallica (Black Album) – Metallica
  • The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
  • Nevermind – Nirvana
  • Ace of Spades – Motörhead
  • A Night at the Opera – Queen
  • Disraeli Gears – Cream
  • Paranoid – Black Sabbath
  • Apostrophe (‘) / Over Nite Sensation – Frank Zappa
  • and/or more
I like it!
P.S. I nearly forgot: broadcasting time is Saturday night at 20:50. Enjoy!