Fake! Fake and gay!

as some of you know, I love ‘doing’  Batman, just to applaud yet rant on Christian Bale’s  impersonation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a comic fan and truely love the modern day urban myth. Also, Bale has made an effort out of that character like noone has before. But damn, it remains a lame role to act. You win the audition to act out one of the most 1 (2) –  dimensional characters possible, completely anonymous in your performance.

“Maybe if I clear my throat constantly,” – constantly scraping my voice – “people won’t know it’s me, Batman. Eh, Bruce I mean”. The clip with the sketch about the Dark Knight scene just underlines how the throat gimic by Bale is key for grabbing the essence of the latest Batman (but again, I do appreciate how Bale has added this gimic and has actually deepened the character, if one can even speak of such events).