Now I see! As he gets older, it starts to show: Hugh Grant was really always an old chap, he just used to be a young one at that. The way he uses his face for expression– that is so self-evidently old-chappy, yet it is exactly what he used to do in the past! What surprises me, though, is that now that he’s getting old, I DO get the whole fuss about his being charming.

Why do I enter into this whole discussion of his use of facial expression? Same old same old: I’m on my no-sound computer, and I stumbled across this video by accident.

I’m pretty sure good old Hugh has got a decent story, too, though — it sure looks important! — as I took the link off Radiohead’s dump-space. So, in a way, this is just to remind myself to watch this video. Still, here it is, for you guys too: