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Mein Land

Ze doen er alles aan om in de gratie te vallen bij het Amerikaanse publiek 😛


I’m surprised this raven can fly… given the size of his cojones! 😛

Olde Schoole Office Humoure

Richard Cheese

Voor wie hem nog niet kende (of wel)


Hello my fellow intellectuals,

OK, I was just checking the internet for a sequal to one of my favourite games: “Jagged Alliance 2”. Turns out one developer already made a spiritual successor under a different name (1). Anyhoo, I was thinking whether or not I should download it and while doing so I checked my AC/DC playlist and saw the songs “Guns for Hire” and “Razor’s Edge” and I thought “WOW! That’s a sign from the Heavens if I ever saw one! Better start downloading right away!”

I asked Google whether God really exists, you know, just to be sure. And she (2) gave me this site:

So, there you go: 666 proofs of God’s existence! Guess Nietzsche was wrong, Rudy; God exists! :p

Kind regards,

The Honest and God Fearing Mr. Thies N.R. Reebosch

1. To circumvent copywright infringement, you know how it is these days. Can’t steal anymore ideas (well Leonardo DiCaprio can :p)

2. I insist Google is female, because she knows a lot and in my experience women have always been more intelligent than men