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More Inception!

Inception spoof

Probably the first thought that entered my mind after seeing Inception was: “I so need one of those machines.” Now I realise that I’ve had one all along.


‘Eric Idle has described the conception of the specials as “The Germans came to us and said ‘Look, we haven’t got a sense of humour, but we understand you do. Can we use yours?'”‘

Also, eiskalten Schweinenwasser, ja?!

Futhermore, check the Nietzsche Family Circus! It’s randomly brilliant; it’s what every family should be like. Impart wisdom unto thy spawn!

World Cup

Twelve years ago, Dennis Bergkamp scored a fabulous goal in the quarter final match against Argentina. Jack van Gelder’s commentary was on par with it.

I’m really looking forward to the kick-off of this summer’s World Cup. We should all watch it together!

Meer inspraak over het weer! (Zardox the Heretic-Slayer = Leo)

Bekend gevoel?

Nazi Germany is like literally exactly where we are!

Maison ‘Pretty Boy’!

Oh ja?! Je zuster op een houtvlot!

That Legolas look…

Om dan maar weg te lopen met Ruuds geweldige bijdrage… Bij dezen ook op de WordPress: